Our Story

Collaborative Nutrition LLC was formed to improve and protect the overall health and well-being for our clients regardless of their field of play. Our formulation team consists of dedicated sports focused medical doctors, chiropractors, and human performance specialists. Combined, we have more than a century of experience in providing healthcare services for elite level professional, collegiate, and high school athletes, as well as corporate and fitness enthusiasts. We knew a change was needed in the way our clients were using their supplements and in the quality of the supplements they were taking. It's no secret that the supplement industry is loaded with products that are not regulated to the standards that professionals demand. In many cases these supplements jeopardize one’s health and create hormonal imbalances. 

We created ATHLADE to be your ALL IN ONE daily supplement that improves your performance and recovery needs while supporting your health and well-being today and in the years to come. True to our mission to serve, contribute, and inspire health + well-being for every BODY through implementing a simple + daily proactive approach, ATHLADE supports your daily health needs. ATHLADE removes the need for you to purchase multiple supplements which can be confusing, costly, and often not an effective solution. 

We love the saying, “It’s easier to stay well than to get well.” This has never been more true. Collaborative Nutrition LLC understands the innumerable sacrifices athletes make on a daily basis in order to achieve their performance and recovery goals, while also trying to maintain their optimal levels of health. Athletes of all levels are true competitors who are able to turn obstacles and adversity into challenges, and simply view them as part of their journey. By helping every BODY implement a more proactive approach towards their health today, we can ensure they perform better in the years to come and minimize their need for curative care in the future.

We look forward to serving your needs now, and in the years to come. Please feel free to send questions to an ATHLADE team member at info@ATHLADE.com.


Yours In Health,  

Collaborative Nutrition LLC

Lou Fierro Founder CEO Athlade

Louis Fierro

Louis Fierro Jr., DC 

Founder + CEO


Caroline Fierro

Caroline Fierro, MD, FACOG, ABAARM

Director of Formulation